Sous Vide Beef on Weck

Pining for a Beef on Weck as you can only find in Buffalo, NY, we set off on the adventure of making one of our own.  Though we poorly documented the beginning of this quest, we will try and do better next time!IMG_20170401_164601

We started off by making the rolls, which without caraway seeds became salted rolls. Yum.  Our rolls always come out very dense which we haven’t been able to figure out why this is. I won’t lament further as it could create an entire blog post.

Next we started the beef. We made Sous Vide bags with my new vacuum sealer I got for my birthday (officially an adult when you ask for kitchen appliances for your birthday).  Then seasoning with salt and pepper we placed them in the vat of water for a total of about 23 hours at 136 degrees.  We actually were planning on doing it for only a couple hours but as we read online more we decided that we needed to extend the time.


We seared the steak on the cast iron (maybe could have been a bit more patient with this but didn’t want to over cook our steak!)

Perfect medium steak!  We sliced it up to get the right feel, added horseradish cheddar cheese (I know, I know, Beef on Weck doesn’t have cheese)  and ta-dah! Dinner!


Thanks for joining us for our Sous Vide Adventures this week! We don’t claim to know what we are doing, but enjoy sharing what we do!

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