Episode 2 – Carrizo Plain

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Knitical Therapy Ravelry Group


Oceanbound by Melanie Berg

2016 Christmas Socks

Finished Objects:

Richard’s Blue Hat (I need to update the photo on Ravelry!)

New Possibilities:

From Vogue Knitting Live:

Forbidden Woolery

Hedgehog Fibers

From Reddit Gifts Exchange:

Regia 4-ply  in the Mood Color

Manos del Uruguay Alegria in the Eggplant colorway

Narwhal Needlework in Mulberry colorway  (you should really go check out her etsy shop! She has some lovely tweed yarn!)

Cooking Adventures:

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Scratch from thekitchn.com

What’s on my Kindle?

Knots and Crosses by Ian Rankin (finished)

Rosy is My Relative by Gerald Durrell

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

This week I podcast from Carizzo Plain in California where they are currently experiencing a superbloom from the high amounts of rain! So many wildflowers in a concentrated area which is just lovely to see!

Here’s an article that I found that gives more information about the superbloom: Wildflowers of California

We were able to identify that we saw: Baby Blue Eyes and Jacob’s Ladder, but there were plenty of other varieties that we weren’t able to identify.

IMG_20170409_130229IMG_20170409_131225 (1)IMG_20170409_131430IMG_20170409_152958IMG_20170409_160022IMG_20170409_191726

See you next time!

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