The sheep without a name

When I decided to create this website I started to brainstorm a “mascot” or logo to represent myself.  I tried to draw something on my own but everything I came up with was quite pitiful. I tried drawing sheep from the side, the front, yarn and pandas. Nothing seemed to be what I wanted. Maybe because of the lack of my artistic talents..Maybe..

I ended up using a service on to create the character for me as you see below! All I had to do was find someone whose art I thought would be in the style that I wanted and let them know what I was looking for!

The idea behind my character is that I wanted her to represent me in a few different ways: I’m a physical therapist, I enjoy knitting and fiber, and I’m also working on a generally healthy lifestyle including some new workouts with the assistance of the Nike+ Training App.  A sheep seemed the obvious choice as they are representative of all things woolly, and then I liked the idea that the dumbbells could be made of yarn. I also wanted it to be a little on a cartoony side as well. Something along the lines of the cute little sheep from Wallace and Gromit or similar.

So a few days after I submitted my request…this was what I got!

KniticalTherapy Knitical Therapy Logo Sheep Yarn Dumbells Knitting Potcast


A super cute and happy sheep! I love the dumbells and the needles in the ‘hair’. Now the problem is she needs a name.  I’m not the most creative when it comes to naming things (my car, spinning wheel and bicycle are all nameless which some would say is a travesty), so I need your help.  Please help me name my sheep!

Comment below, or at the Ravelry group  with suggestions and I will pick out a few favorites, then have a poll on my Ravelry group to help pick the winning name.


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