Episode 7 – San Luis Obispo

Finished Object: Baby Blanket #2 (Grandma’s Favorite Baby Blanket) WIPS: Baby Blanket #3 (Ten Stitch Blanket) Starting Point by Joji Locatelli Merrain MKAL  by Mary of Kino Knits Candle Flame Cowl by Julia Allen Lost Lake Socks by Marian Moldan I mention my yarn bowl by Lickin’ Flames I talk about making sourdough pancakes, the Tour De Donut and Montana de... Continue Reading →

Everything in the Fridge Soup

We joined a CSA about a month ago and have enjoyed the fresh veggies each week. Only downside is we find ourselves with more veggies than we can sometimes eat, and occasionally a veggie we don't know how to use. For example: parsley root and fennel (neither of which are in this soup). We do... Continue Reading →

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