Episode 7 – San Luis Obispo

Finished Object: Baby Blanket #2 (Grandma’s Favorite Baby Blanket) WIPS: Baby Blanket #3 (Ten Stitch Blanket) Starting Point by Joji Locatelli Merrain MKAL  by Mary of Kino Knits Candle Flame Cowl by Julia Allen Lost Lake Socks by Marian Moldan I mention my yarn bowl by Lickin’ Flames I talk about making sourdough pancakes, the Tour De Donut and Montana de... Continue Reading →

Episode 5 – Architectural Graveyard

Thanks for stopping by! Please go to The sheep without a name post to give your name suggestions for our mascot! Works in Progress: Lost Lake Socks by Marian Moldan Baby Blanket #2 (Grandma's Favorite Baby Blanket) Baby Blanket #3 (Ten Stitch Blanket) Color Affection by Veera Valamaki No finished objects this week, but a few finished books on My Kindle:... Continue Reading →

Sous Vide Beef on Weck

Pining for a Beef on Weck as you can only find in Buffalo, NY, we set off on the adventure of making one of our own.  Though we poorly documented the beginning of this quest, we will try and do better next time! We started off by making the rolls, which without caraway seeds became... Continue Reading →

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