Episode 1 – Red Rocks

Shownotes: Welcome to my 1st episode! In this episode I discuss my plans for the podcast. WIPs: 2016 Christmas Socks which have been declared for April #WIP2017inthebutt KAL hosted by Jen at The Down Cellar Studio Podcast Baby Blanket #2 New Possibilities: Biscotte Yarns Self-striping Sock Yarn - I got the "Knit me with your best shot" colorway,... Continue Reading →

Sous Vide Beef on Weck

Pining for a Beef on Weck as you can only find in Buffalo, NY, we set off on the adventure of making one of our own.  Though we poorly documented the beginning of this quest, we will try and do better next time! We started off by making the rolls, which without caraway seeds became... Continue Reading →

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